The battle for the veins, arteries and indeed soul of the girl child has been on right from Adam. Two main groups are in contest: on the one hand are those aspiring that the girl child should be relegated behind believing that she is inconsequential, of no effect and hence should not matter in the scheme of things. That is how shallow their perception and make believe is. On the other hand are those who value the girl child and have been working tirelessly in ensuring that the Girl child does not suffer any form of targeted isolation and maltreatment. The former have been losing and still do not seem to understand that. They have not given up. The latter are winning even if slowly, but surely they are in spite of all the obstacles on the way. All hands of reasonable persons and institutions must be on deck to ensure that the war is decided not only in favor of the girl child but that the gap is eliminated and the girl child is promoted, projected to all heights in addition to perpetually protecting her from the villains, despots and vipers in human garb. Dialogue Girls College is an initiative towards a meaningful intervention in the life, living, welfare, wellbeing and future of the Girl child. Because, that is the only way society can be safe and prosperity of all and sundry guaranteed. IN ALLAH ALONE WE PUT OUR TRUST AND FROM HIM WE SEEK GUIDANCE AND HELP.