Dialogue Girls Computer Secondary School is powered by the VISION to provide a world standard enabling environment wherein competent human and material resources are in acceptable and comfortable ration enough to assure stakeholders that we are out to impact positively on their ward/child. Thus we aspire and are committed to making all our students to become citizen students-with both local and global minds, appeals, outlooks and perceptions; through carefully articulated curriculum, qualified, experienced and competent teaching staff and deliberately chosen activities and schedules to enhance their morality, personality and world view. Teaching, skilling and re skilling of our students through time, space and reason is aimed at increasing their opportunities, as they learn, as they grow and as they graduate into the larger society.
The curriculum contents, resources and methodologies are relevant and effective such that they help our students get started easily, keep going smoothly and further confidently.
In Allah alone we put all our trust and from him we seek for the necessary support and strength.


Our mission is to develop a sound Islamic culture and create an environment and atmosphere in the school that will positively influence the characteristics of thought, behavior, and attitudes of the students while providing a unique, interactive, supportive and educationally diverse environment for the girl child in Nigeria. Our one-of-a-kind institution is committed to utilizing 21st Century equipment, teaching methodologies, female only classrooms and teachers to educate female students in Nigeria.