Dialogue Girls College is positioned to turn the world around in terms of academic excellence. The DGC life – long curriculum has been designed to reflect the school’s values and vision and thus aims to move students forward at a rate appropriate to their abilities.
The College has adopted the Nigerian curriculum interlaced with the British curriculum
Each student at the Junior school will offer a total of Thirteen subjects. All subjects are core as will see the students at the end of our three years in junior school writing the Nigerian National Examination Council  Junior Secondary examinations, the Kaduna state Junior Secondary Exam and the British Standard Assessment Test (SAT) trial. The college emphasizes the basic skills in the core subjects which are:

  1. Mathematics
  2. English Studies and Literature
  3. Basic Science and Technology
  4. Religion and National Values
  5. Prevocational Studies
  6. French Language
  7. Nigerian Language (Hausa, Yoruba or Igbo)
  8. Cultural and Creative Arts
  9. Library Science
  10. Business Studies
  11. International Geography
  12. Qur’an and adab
  13. Seerah


During the fourth, fifth and sixth year students are prepared for the Senior Secondary
Certificate Examinations (SSCE) and the Overseas International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Examination. Both exams take place during the third term of their sixth year.
The subjects taught will be selected from the list below and may vary from class to class;
English Language
English Literature
IGCSE English for second language speakers
Additional Mathematics
Core Science (Biology, Physics and Chemistry)
ICGSE Science
Additional Science
Information Communication Technology
Business Studies
Islamic Etiquettes (Adab)
Meaning of the Qur’an
Citizenship and National Values
Islamic Education
Physical Education
Financial accounting
Micro and Macro Economics
Hifzul Quran ; An important aspect DGC is the memorization of the Quran which is allocated considerable amount of time every Friday.

This is based on class work both written and oral, practical projects, regular weekly tests and homework.
Homework is a fundamental part of formative assessment; hence Students at DGC receive homework assignments from their teachers weekly. Parents are advised to track homework so that homework is completed and submitted when due.
Promotion to the next class is not automatic. It is based on performance in the continuous assessment and internal examinations conducted by the school. The school reserves the right to withhold any claims to promotion if a student is not certified fit for promotion.