Students in all classes have the opportunity to use the sports and games facilities at scheduled times in a week under the supervision of a qualified instructor

A wide range of sports, games and clubs are available to the students.


In line with the federal Government requirement, education in schools should be tailored to self-reliance. The student entrepreneurship program at DGC is structured thus;

Year one: Introduction to fabric production and interior decoration.

Year two: Introduction to catering.

Year three: This class is exempted as the students prepare for their JSC examinations.

Years four through six: Catering craft practice or Clothing and textiles.



Dialogue Girls Collage believes in providing a well- rounded learning environment for students.  Thus, activities have been selected to feed the spiritual, physical and academic appetites of our students.  Thursday afternoon has been set aside for this. Hence students are picked up at 3:00pm on Thursdays.

  1. MTN ( Muslim teen network)
  2. Debate Team
  3. Science Club.
  4. School press Club
  5. Student Council
  6. Mathematics Club



All of the names of the school houses are based on the names of wives or women around the Prophet Mohammed (SAW).  Upon admission, all students will be assigned a house and will receive sporting clothes based on the name and color of their assigned house.  Thus for all sporting activities and Inter House competitions, each student will wear the assigned sports clothing assigned during her admission.  The names of the houses and the corresponding colors are as follows:

Khadijah bint Khuwaylid House

Aminah bint Wahb House

Aishah bint Abubakar House

Umm Waraqah







Light Green




Each house is supervised by adult members of staff, known a house mistress. Everyone has a part to play in the life of the house and there are many opportunities to represent the house in drama, sport, debating and other activities.

Sportswear are simple and sewn according to the approved design. A pair of colored top, based on the house and dark blue trousers wit stripes and white sports shoes must be worn during sports. Sports hijab are provided by the school and must be worn during sports where male guests will be in attendance. Students are to report to school in their sport wears on days when sporting activities are held.