This is a yearly event that is always done at the end of the academic session, it is a program where parents and friends and well-wishers are emitted to show care the schools talents and to forward desiring, students in academics. The program comprises of a befitting speech from renowned personalities, show casing of talents in area of news reporting talk shows, social activities drama, presentation of prizes, and lots of other academic and social program.

This is a bi-annual sporting events where different houses in the school come together to participate and compete in different sporting activities such as football, basketball, handball, volleyball, etc.
Note that all the above mentioned games are all present in the school as the school has their respective facilities. Other outdoor track and field events are also being done during this inter-house sports and gifts are being given to deseing houses and athletes. The lot of houses that are available in the school are
The red house (maje house)
The green house
The blue house
The purple house
The yellow house (mai ungwa house)

This is one of the revered academic competition in the school. Different classes come together to compete in quiz and debate competition being supervise by them teachers. It is also an avenue where students in different classes showcase their respective talents in all areas of academic disciplines, subjects include Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry and General knowledge.

This is an annual event organized by the school it is an event to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria. Students are seen in different cultural attires ranging from Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Fulani and a lots of others. It is a very colourful events with different kinds of Nigerian dishes being served to teachers. It is also to promote our custom and traditions on students are trained to speak other tribes distinct from their tribes.

This is a special program being organized of the beginning of the academic session, it is designed to give aboutorientation the school rules and regulation, places within the school, introduction of teachers and other information to new and resuming students. Students get to meet new friends and fashion ways of attaining academic excellence.