Admission Details

Admission to the College is through an examination which takes place months before the beginning of the school year. The admissions procedure is as follows:- Parents must fill in an application form and submit it to the School’s Bursar. Our admission forms are free of charge.

Admission Test

All applicants will be required to sit an admission test as part of our admissions procedure. Priority will be given to applicants who have completed year six of their primary education. Candidates are tested on Primary V and VI Mathematics and English, and the essentials of pure and social sciences via a general Knowledge paper. An Islamic studies placement exam is also conducted. Parents are advised to ensure that all students who hope to enter the school are at least 10 years of age, have completed at least five years of primary education and are equipped with the elementary rules of personal hygiene.



As a private run school DGC receives no Government or non- Government support and is dependent on fee income to cover its operating costs. Each year, the College Management reviews the fees for the following academic year, mindful of its responsibility to ensure the continuing financial stability of the School and its desire to ensure that the School remains well maintained and conducive to high levels of academic and extra-curricular achievement. Annual fee reviews are kept to a minimum consistent with the School’s cost base, the recognition that we wish to attract and retain the highest quality staff and the need to provide a cash surplus to allow continued development of the School’s facilities. It may interest you to know that at DGC, downward reviews of school fees is not uncommon. A breakdown of the school fees for the current academic year is presented here-with. Fees are payable to DGC before the first day of term via bank tellers supplied at the office of the Bursar at DGC. Official DGC receipts must be collected to complete the payment process.